Project & Contract Management

Our Project and Contract management system was built to fill a gap in the Construction & Installation sector. A leading building exterior installer came to us and asked if we could design and build a full business management system for them. Initially using a combination of spreadsheets had sufficed but their operation was growing and they needed a collaborative platform where they could manage their projects and have contractors access the system and deliver the clients requirements.

If you are an organisation that has multiple projects and/or contracts, our system enables the centralised rollout, management and real-time reporting of your projects, tasks and your people’s performance against them.

The system acts as a central store of business critical Client information. It facilitates the creation and management of client project estimates and tender documents and forms the basis of the companies project and job management toolset, including costings and resource (including training and certifications) allocation. This is delivered through the provision of project programme schedule gantt charts, project task and milestone tracking and reporting tool. It also provides financial reporting and management features including project expenditure reporting and budget forecasting and invoice and purchase order management.
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project and contract management


project and contract management software

System Overview:

  • Client, supplier and sub-contractor information ensuring all key client data is recorded including company locations, key contacts, current and historical projects and sales
  • Project management information including client, contract and site information and key project milestones
  • Project estimate creation detailing project budget outline and deliverables and tender document creation
  • Project programme creation including;
    • Project schedule
    • Project milestones
    • Project gantt chart
    • Project activity tracking
    • Project budget expenditure tracking and analysis
  • Visual task calendar with individual task assignment and tracking
  • Financial management including;
    • Invoice creation and management
    • Purchase order creation and management
  • Financial reporting including;
    • Project financial analysis: project profit and loss statement
    • Company monthly income and expenditure statement
    • Company financial analysis and forecast report
    • Project programme delivery reports detailing delivery conflicts
    • Work dispatcher providing an intuitive visual job schedule


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