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FEEFO Customer Reviews

Independent Customer Feedback
Current versions: Enterprise v2.0.13, Community v2.0.15

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Quick Overview

Our official extension provides easy integration to Feefo's market leading third party reviews solution, by automating the exchange of products and customer reviews between Magento and Feefo, and easily integrating feedback and reviews into your site.

After installing the module, tell your Feefo contact your feed url so they can automatically fetch your data.

Magento 2.x module coming soon - sign up to our waiting list to be notified about timescales and developments!

Community Edition 1.6.x - to
Enterprise Edition 1.9.x - to

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FEEFO help retailers generate trust in their products and service by allowing customers to review and rate their experiences and the products bought from retail sites.

The Feefo module provides a plug and play integration to Feefo, publishing your customer order items to Feefo for feeback collection, and includes built in security features including a firewall and private key mechanism to protect your data.

The module also renders Feefo logos on your site, and let's you control where and how these appear through configuration and widgets. Customer reviews are renderered whenever a logo is clicked, and can also be rendered inline on product pages with built in support for Google Stars.

Our official module provides easy integration to FEEFO's market leading third party reviews solution.


  • Invite-only feedback ensures you and your customers can trust every word
  • Simple feedback request forms help increase response rates, meaning more insight for you and your business
  • Build trust and engagement to improve organic search performance, increase traffic and boost sales
  • Perfect the customer experience, build faith in your brand and make more informed business decisions

Main Features

  • Synchronise your data with Feefo automatically using the module's built in Feed.
  • Control where and how Feefo logos are presented on your site via Magento admin screens.
  • Secure your feed with an IP Firewall and security key.
  • Control when Feefo asks your customers for feedback.
  • Show customer feedback directly on your site.
  • Include google stars within your pages for better SEO ranking.

New in Version 2

  • Campaign Manager Tool – Reach out at any stage of the customer journey with tailored feedback requests.
  • Net Promoter Score – Measure customer loyalty and identify what your service is getting right and wrong.
  • Performance Profiling – Use the latest AI tech to identify recurring themes affecting your business.
  • Smart Themes – Help customers find the most relevant feedback fast.
  • Advertising for Facebook– Seamlessly add your Feefo reviews to your Facebook advertising.
  • Feefo Places– Because we understand not all businesses are exclusively online, collect reviews in your stores as well as your website.
  • Insight Tags" – Tag, track and report on key themes that are most important to you across your feedback.
  • Review Enhanced Ads – Automatically enhance your ad campaigns with review snippets.
  • Feefo SMS – Engage with your customers anywhere, any time.
  • The module includes a new "business category" mechanism, allowing you to categorise your products precisely for better Feefo KPI reporting.
  • Better support for multi-store environments with store level Feefo logons, so you can easily control feedback logos using different scopes.
  • Optimised feed generation to run faster


For an additional fee we offer a Professional installation service for this extension.

To undertake the installation we require FTP access to your server and an admin/backend login to the site. We also require your Feefo account access details.

We will contact you within 2 working days of purchase of the installation service for this information.


  • CMS Page (Homepage)

    CMS Page (Homepage)

  • Category Page

    Category Page

  • Product Page

    Product Page

  • Product Reviews

    Product Reviews

  • Basket Page

    Basket Page

  • Checkout Page

    Checkout Page

  • Admin General Config

    Admin General Config

  • Admin Product Logo Config

    Admin Product Logo Config

  • Admin Service Logo Config

    Admin Service Logo Config

  • Admin Reviews Config

    Admin Reviews Config

  • Admin Catalogue Product

    Admin Catalogue Product

  • Admin Widget

    Admin Widget

  • Example Feed

    Example Feed

  • Feedback Page

    Feedback Page

  • Admin Feedback

    Admin Feedback

  • Displayed Reviews

    Displayed Reviews

  • Integrate Scores

    Integrate Scores