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Verifone: Magento SUPEE-6788 patch
Version 2.4.2 of the module is fully compatible with this Magento patch. You should upgrade to this version before applying this patch.
Added by jdoull over 4 years ago

Feefo: Feefo module Version 2.0 Available
Flint are please to announce Version 2 of the popular Feefo module, containing numerous new features and performance optimisations.
Added by jdoull over 6 years ago

Verifone: Verifone module Version 1.5.1 Available
Minor release including two bug fixes
Added by jdoull over 6 years ago

Verifone: New support area for Verifone module
Flint launches support infrastructure for popular modules
Added by jdoull over 6 years ago

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Latest projects

  • Canonical Urls (14 Jan 2014 17:27)

    Provides canonical urls for Magento sites on homepage, category (using prev and next tags) and product.

  • Verifone (27 Nov 2013 17:11)

    Verifone Payment Gateway Module

  • Shutl (03 Sep 2013 16:19)

    The Official Shutl Magento module

  • KHAOS (31 May 2012 10:25)
  • Feefo (09 May 2011 12:50)

    The Official Feefo Magento Module