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Common Customisations

This section describes common module customisations that you may wish to apply before using the module on a production site.

Enabling category page product logo

Customers may wish to render Feefo product logos on Magento category pages.

To achieve this, place the following code into your category page list template (catalog/product/list.phtml) and then set the position for Product logos to "Category page - Product list" within the module's configuration.

    <?php echo $this->getChild('feefo_category_product_logo')->setProduct($_product)->toHtml(); ?>

The "sku" product attribute needs to be available on the category page (which it is by default Magento behaviour) - if it's not engage it via the attribute's "show in product listing" settings.

Disabling Magento's standard reviews

If you wish to disable Magento's standard product reviews functionality, you can do this via the admin screens at:

System > Configuration > Advanced > Disable Module Output

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