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Installation Process

Using the Feefo service and the module requires that you follow these steps.

Step 1 - Create a Feefo account

You need a Feefo logon to use the module, so the first step is to create one via Feefo's site.

Step 2 - Install the Feefo extension

After purchasing the extension (big red button on the right), you can visit the "My Downloads" section of the Flint Store to obtain the extension as a zip file (your confirmation email contains a direct link to this, otherwise you can visit the "My Account" section of the site and from there visit "My Downloads").

Extension installation is standard as per any other Magento extension. We recommend backing up your existing site and database prior to installing any extension (including this one).

The following instructions assume and require that you are familiar with the command line of Linux. If you aren't you should ask your developer/support team to perform the installation, or alternatively Flint can provide installation as a service.

  • Place the zip/tar file on the Magento server
  • Disable Magento compilation function
  • Unpack and copy the files into the root of the Magento installation
  • Verify the module is in place in the Magento back office screens
  • If the installation is not showing then clear the cache
  • Re-enable the Magento compilation functionality

Step 3 - Apply any customisations

If you wish to customise the extensions refer to the Common Customisations section. Ideally customisations should be made and tested outside of a production environment before being deployed.

Step 4 - Configure your module

This involves deciding how and where Feefo logos will be displayed, specifying which of your products should and shouldn't be sent to Feefo, and providing your Feefo logon needed by the extension to operate. Please refer to the Configuration section for details.

Step 5 - Test your installation

See the Testing section for instructions on how to do this.

Step 6 - Ask Feefo to start retrieving your data

The module does not push data to Feefo, rather Feefo pull data from the module. Therefore, once you are ready, you need to ask Feefo to start retrieving your data - your Feefo account manager will engage this service for you.

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