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Product Data Management

Data synchronisation

The module synchronises sku codes with Feefo based on product type, to always send the sku code of the product that is rendered on the front end. This means that when sending order data:

  • A configurable product will be sent rather than it's simple product
  • A simple product will be sent rather than it's group product (this means the group product will never have any reviews)

Note that Feefo support wildcards in sku codes. For example, given the set of sku codes:


The wildcard sku code "test-*" will retrieve data (reviews, or logo percentile metrics) for all those sku's. This can be useful for creating specific widgets to represent a set of products (see Using Widgets).

Product Configuration

The module creates 3 new product attributes that can be configured via the Feefo tab of Magento's admin product screen, to control how product data is integrated.

Exclude from Feefo order feeds

Setting this to Yes will ensure that order line items containing this product will not be sent to Feefo.

Do not render Logo and Reviews on Product page

Setting this to Yes disables rendering of Feefo logos and reviews for this product, on product related pages.

Business category (example : Furniture/Chair/Red )

This specifies a business category to associate with this product. This field is only used when the business category configuration is set to "Feefo Business Category"


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