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Feefo Module (Version 1.X) Deployment Requirements

The Feefo module performs direct communication between your server and the Feefo server. To get the module operational after installation, you will need the following in place.

Magento Compatibility

The module is compatible with Magento Community version 1.4.2 and newer, and Magento Enterprise version and 1.9.* and newer.

PHP settings

The module uses PHP's xml DOM infrastructure and requires the PHP "allow_url_fopen" setting enabled. You should ensure this setting is correctly applied for your website within an appropriate php ini file (which file depends on your server infrastructure and how it's been setup). The php entry will appear as:

allow_url_fopen = On

You can confirm the setting is correct by viewing a phpinfo page through your browser.

Connectivity with Feefo

The module will fetch review data from the Feefo server for presentation to users in the frontend. To support this, you need to ensure your server is able to communicate with the Feefo server over http. You can check this from the server command line (in Linux) using curl. If successful you should see the following output:

$ curl http://www.feefo.com/feefo/xmlfeed.jsp
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><FEEDBACKLIST>

If you do not see this output, you likely have a firewall issue and will need to resolve this before you can use the module.

Service Activation

To collect information about orders on your site, the Feefo server must request this data from the module. The module publishes xml data on the url


Even though you've installed and enabled the module, Feefo remain unaware that you are ready to go and that they should start fetching your data until you tell them. Advise your Feefo account manager that you're ready for them to start importing your data - they will engage the service and let you know when it's operational.