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General settings (popups and inline)

Review Caching

This controls the caching of reviews retrieved from Feefo on your server, and should be engaged to increase the load speed of reviews (on product pages and in popups). The module will fetch review data from Feefo on demand when no cached data exists.

Reviews Stars Logo (Product page / Popup)

Identifies the reviews logo template (a styled image file generated by Feefo) that will be used within the inline reviews on Magento's product page (if selected), and within popups (launched by a user clicking a Feefo logo) containing reviews.

Product Page Inline Reviews

This section manges the rendering of reviews inline within Magento's product page.


Determines whether Feefo product reviews are rendered (Yes/No) inline within the product page (when the product permits rendering).


Determines the maximum number of reviews shown inline on the product page. If no value provided, Feefo defaults this to 50.

Google Stars

When set to yes, injects Google's rich snippets into the product page reviews, enabling Google to index your pages using Google Stars. Google provides a rich snippet testing tool‎ where you can review how your page stars have been indexed.


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