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Upgrading from Version 1

Configuration Settings

Once Version 2 is installed, you will need to review and repopulate the configuration section of the module, and provide the requisite fields (as if a new installation). Therefore we recommend keeping a note of your settings, particularly logons (and keys if you defined them) before installing the new module.

Product Categorisation

By default the module will continue to categorise your products in the same manner as Version 1, using Magento product's category structure. The new module supports additional "business category" mechanisms for identifying products, permitting more accurate product classification for improved Feefo KPI reporting.

Switching to an alternative "business category" mechanism is therefore advantageous, and changing this will cause product data subsequently sent to Feefo to be categorised accordingly. However this will not change historical data already stored within Feefo's database, and this may cause reporting anomalies whilst the two categorisation systems are simultaneously stored. If this is a potential problem for you, we recommend speaking to Feefo before changing this setting.

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