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Using Widgets to position Feefo Logos on your site

The module provides two widgets that support rendering Feefo Logo or Reviews at a number of positions on your site (as supported by Magento).

There are two ways to create a Magento widget:

  • Via the admin CMS > Widgets menu - this permits you to position your widget using Magento's theme infrastructure.
  • Directly within a CMS page - this lets you position your widget directly within your own content page(s).

The types of Feefo widgets are:

  • Flint Feefo Logo - this will inject a Feefo logo
  • Flint Feefo Reviews - this will inject Feefo reviews directly into a page (not via a popup)

The Feefo specific options for widgets are:


This optionally sets a CSS id for the widget, enabling you to apply custom styling.

Logo template

Identifies the http://feefo.com/feefo/selectlogotemplate.jsp: "logo template" (a styled image file generated by Feefo) that will be used to render this logo.

Detect Sku automatically

When yes, this causes the widget to attempt to retrieve the current relevant product sku code from the rendering environment. This setting only works when the widget is used with product related blocks.

Sku filter

Lets you specify a single sku code for which to render (logo or reviews). When "Detect sku automatically" is set to yes, that mechanism is applied first, and only if it fails to identify a sku will this setting be used.

Review Types to Include

Controls which customer reviews are shown (in the case of a reviews widget these will be inline, and for product logos these will be within a popup)

  • Service Only Comments - include only service comments
  • Product Only Comments - include only product comments
  • Service and Product Comments - include only service and product comments
  • Excellent or Good Product Comments Only - include only good and excellent product comments


Determines whether the filtered reviews shown are in ascending or descending date order.


Specifies how far back in time reviews should be selected for presentation.


Determines the maximum number of reviews shown. If no value provided, Feefo defaults this to 50.

Additional parameters (optional)

This is an advanced setting that may be used for complex integrations when specified by Feefo.


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