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Magento SUPEE-6788 patch

Added by jdoull about 6 years ago

If you are applying Magento's SUPEE-6788 patch, you should consider upgrading to the latest module version (above version 2.4.2).

Although the module's frontend ability to process payments is unaffected by this patch, other fixes permit backend screens to work correctly (in particular Api Debug Log and Token).

You can download the latest version 2.* of the module from the My Downloadable Products section of the Flint site.

Verifone module Version 1.5.1 Available

Added by jdoull about 8 years ago

This minor release includes two bug fixes (caused by new functionality in version 1.5.0):

  • [FIX] Empty SOAP response caused by invalid configuration request during Centinel 3D secure checks
  • [FIX] Payment method instance not set by Magento during Centinel processing

We recommend clients using version 1.5.0 of the module upgrade to this version (if using 3D secure).

New support area for Verifone module

Added by jdoull about 8 years ago

Welcome to the Verifone Flint Module support area.

Here you will find Sales Information, News, FAQ, User Discussion Forums and Feedback, Roadmaps, Documents and other useful info about the Verifone module.

All information in this area can be freely viewed, but to make comments or submit forum post questions, you need to register (top right of page).

Please let us know your comments - we love all feedback.


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