Why choose Bespoke Business Software

Bespoke Software

When it comes to selecting the software that underlies your business operations, you’re likely looking for ‘the best fit’.

What does that mean? It’s a pretty vague way of describing the meeting of a complex, demanding set of business requirements, and aligning software directly with this.

If you have 10 specific business goals, certain software will enable the achievement of these more readily than others. If you search the market and find that one service will help with 7 of those goals, and another only 3, then it’s obvious which one you’re more likely to pick.

But in this scenario, the software itself holds all the power. It’s not so much about identifying the perfect solution as finding the one that ticks the most boxes.

By getting bespoke software in place, that situation is reversed. Instead of trying to work out how the software can best benefit you, you can rest assured the software you have in place is doing exactly what you need it to.

Why Bespoke?

Bespoke software – also referred to as custom-made or custom software – includes solutions and services that are setup and operate in line with the specific requirements of your business,” says Regis Machado, Front End Developer at Flint. “They allow you to make the most of the technology’s potential without having services or options in place that are redundant.”

Benefits include:

  • The typical design of bespoke software means it keeps things simple for users, with no surprises in terms of the features or terminology that are used
  • Everything has been tailored to your requirements, including the workflow. This allows you to interact with and use the bespoke solution as you wish, without unwelcome or confusing problems arising.
  • Bespoke solutions also have the potential to be made more secure, as they have been developed with a specific set up in mind. That means it can be easier to cover the necessary bases and keep things as safe as possible.

Development projects can also be more straightforward, as the software is yours to do with what you choose. There’s no pressure to upgrade or change anything if it’s all working as it should. Custom solutions provide a greater level of control.

Getting bespoke business software right is all about alignment with business needs and goals. Through the creation of in-depth plans and visions, custom software development solutions can help to enable growth and create more streamlined businesses.

Possible Alternatives

An alternative to bespoke solutions are off the shelf solutions. Though these meet certain needs, there’s a risk of these options becoming costlier when companies look to add new features.

By selecting custom-made software over off the shelf alternatives, companies are better placed to focus on their main requirements without the need for redundant code to be kept in place.

Diverse Software Delivery

Flint has a decade of experience in delivering business applications and developing software for customers based on their exact requirements. We can provide customised enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementations on Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics 365. That way, the full capabilities of the platform can be aligned with specific needs.

If you’re interested in a bespoke business software solution, get in touch with our experts today.

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